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National Technology Centre for Ports, Waterways & Coasts (NTCPWC) has been envisioned as the centre for technological innovations and evolution of new ideas and breakthroughs for the port and maritime sector. It will work as the technology arm of Ministry of Shipping providing the needful technological support to ports, IWAI and other institutions. It will provide effective solutions to an extensive range of problems being faced in the industry through scientific support and carry out education, applied research and technology transfer. The inception of NTCPWC is an answer to a key need and signifies a major leap in indigenous and cutting-edge technology support in the Port and Maritime sector.

Project Monitoring Activities

In order to mentor/monitor the project activities a Project Monitoring Committee was appointed involving senior staff to carryout regular project monitoring activitiy. The PMC involves the following staff to meet regularly and monitor the activities of the centre.

1. I PMC Minutes of meeeting ANNEXURE I
2. II MOM PMC meeting on 14th Jan
3. III PMC24th June MOM
4. IV PMC6th Jan_MOM

Stakeholder Workshop

1. Stakeholder Minutes of Meeting ANNEXURE II

Review Meeting

1. 1st Review meeting NTCPWC ANNEXURE III
2. 2nd Review meeting ANNEXURE IV

Oversight Committee Minutes

1. 1st Oversight committee minutes
2. 2nd Approved MoM OCM of NTCPWC dt 25.02.19
3. 3rd oversight committee meeting
4. 4th Approved Minutes of Meeting of NTCPWC held at MoS dt 01.01.2020

Progress Report

1. NTCPWC First progress

Technical Brochure

1. NTCPWC Technical Brochure

Inception Report

Inception Report : Documents In Process

Final Equipment Requirements

Final Equipment Requirements : Documents In Process

First Report

First Report : Documents In Process

Second Report

Second Report : Documents In Process

Third Report

Third Report : Documents In Process

Final Report on completion

Final Report on completion : Documents In Process