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Tidal and Meteorological Monitoring, Telemetry and Display System (TMMTDS). The main aim is to ensure that environmental and operational data, critical to port operations and compliance, is reliably and easily accessible to all port personnel and wider stakeholders that require it.The system includes radar water-level sensor and weather monitoring stations plus Telemetry and real time display system.The system includes state of art technology system design, control system, smart database and intuitive software for maritime operations in the ports.The system developed by National Technology Centre for Ports, Waterways and Coasts(NTCPWC), IIT Madrasand currently being implemented at Kolkata Port Trust provide the Mariners and Port Authorities for complete understanding of the channel environmental condition for effective vessel traffic management with the latest conditions.
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The RT-UKC system integrates real-time measurement of tide height and waves with modelled vessel motions in order to determine if a proposed transit for a particular vessel meets pre-determined under keel clearance safety criteria. The system uses specially formulated algorithms to analyse a range of inputs in order to provide a report as to the status of the proposed transit.
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With the cost of dredging rising every year, dredging production remains a critical key in determining the success of a project. Production analysis allows contractors and regulatory agencies a means to monitor progress and determine if possible setbacks are likely. Collecting and displaying data such as loading positions, production logs and near real-time vessel positions provide a snapshot for determining possible production delays. With the use of daily dredge production logs provide detailed production information that can be presented online along with dredger performance to measure the productivity and also optimise maintenance dredging projects.
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