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Port authorities are charged with maintaining and developing their harbours with regard to harbour use, and the size of vessels the harbours able to
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The RT-UKC system integrates real-time measurement of tide height and waves with modelled vessel motions in order to determine if a proposed transit for a particular vessel meets pre-determined under keel clearance safety criteria. The system uses specially formulated algorithms to analyse a range of inputs in order to provide a report as to the status of the proposed transit.The RT_UKC system ensures that minimum levels of net UKC for vessel maneuverability and bottom clearance, for safe navigation in restricted waters, are always met or exceeded.
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A reliable supply of freshwater water is indispensable for any seagoing vessel. Potable water may become unsafe for people due to contaminated bunkered water, cross-contamination between potable and non-potable water, poor design and construction of potable water storage tanks, as well as inadequate disinfection. (improper water management).
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With the cost of dredging rising every year, dredging production remains a critical key in determining the success of a project. Production analysis allows contractors and regulatory agencies a means to monitor progress
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Network of sensors for real time continuous monitoring​


Product Specifications

  • Photo Voltaic panel supported self powered remote installations​
  • GSM /3G /4G based IoT gateway
  • Satellite telemetry / free band VHF/UHF where Cellular network not present​
  • Web Integration with Server/Cloud​
  • Easy integration/expansion with third party sensor network​
  • GPS based location identification
  • Programmable Sample collection speed​
  • Assured Data security​